Health Bureau plans to open up non-prescription drugs – cold, stomach and diarrhea medicine - for sale in convenience stores has come up against strong criticism from pharmacist associations who point to the clear labeling on the top of the medicines, “Use as directed by a medical practitioner”. Pharmacist associations insist that with medicines sold unrestricted without professional instruction it is impossible to guarantee safety.

So called, non-prescription medicines include common cold remedies and pain relief tablets as well as nasal remedies, stomach remedies, medicine for diarrhea and insect repellants – with such a huge cross-spectrum just how can one differentiate? As long as the top is labeled “Use as directed by a medical practitioner”, it is considered a non-prescription medicine. This issue of openly selling non-prescription drugs seems set to cast a net of confusion over all parties involved, and is sure to give rise to a wave of conflicting opinions.

Convenience or negligence – Should convenience stores sell medicines (by CJ Hua)




方便VS随便 超商药不药? ( 黄郁淇 )

Convenience or negligence – Sh卫生署想要开放「非处方药」,未来能在超商买到,像是感冒药、胃药、止泻药等,引起药师公会强烈反弹,因为上头明明就标示「医师药师指示药品」,跟一般成药不同,药师公会认为,没有专业人员谘询,「指示药品」随处可买,民众用药安全谁能担保?所谓非处方药,包含一般的感冒药跟止痛锭,另外还有像治疗鼻子的药品,以及胃药、止泻药,甚至是蚊虫软膏等,到底要如何辨别?只要上头写着「医师药师指示药品」,就是非处方药,指示药品跟成药将在超商混着卖,没有专业人员谘询,引起各方议论纷纷,这一场「超商药不药」的大战,恐怕将掀起一阵波澜。