Yunlin LOHAS has implemented a 'Taliwu Happy Life Homeland' (他里雾幸福乐活家园) program in Dounan Township. After training and study, agricultural products from LOHAS Organic Farm (乐活农场) and Love Organic Farm (乐福有机庇护农场) are processed then sold in Taiwan’s first “Love in Yunlin Mobile Grocery Store.” The store delivers the goods to villages and towns all over the county, providing an important channel for adults with learning difficulties to make a living. 

Project manager Shi Zhong-zhi said, “Securing of the ‘Love in Yunlin Mobile Grocery Store’ was only possible through gaining financial assistance from Yunlin County Government Social Welfare Department, funding from public lottery funds, and adopting a rental-purchase agreement on the vehicle.” The mobile grocery store stocks goods produced by 30 Yunlin welfare organizations, various NPO organization shelters and training programs for vulnerable groups. The packaged goods are sold to towns and villages in the ‘Love in Yunlin Mobile Grocery Store,’ spreading the love of Yunlin to people the length and breath of Taiwan.

Society appreciates your hard work! Keep it up!
- Following the difficult process of setting up 'Taliwu Happy Life Homeland'



你们的努力 社会看到了!听到了!继续加油! ~纪录「他里雾幸福乐活家园」的努力过程~ 影音

Society appreciates your hard 社团法人云林县身心照护协会,在斗南办理「他里雾幸福乐活家园」计画,他们透过培训、学习、及在乐活农场和乐福有机庇护农场所生产的农产品,加工生产为商品,并成立全台第一部「爱在云林行动柑ㄚ店」车辆,将商品带到台湾每个乡镇销售,为成年身心智障碍者谋求自立更生之道。